Linux Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) - Linux System Information Gathering Tool


Linux-Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) - Linux System Information Gathering Tool

Current Version

Version Number : 0.210

Last Updated : 4th July 2016


Linux Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) is a script that collects software and hardware information about a linux server for support purposes, similar to the Solaris explorer ( SUNWexplo ) , Redhat's "sysreport" and SuSE's "siga" script.

The script is designed to collect information about a server to help service departments support linux and have a common set of scripts for collecting information about linux no matter what distro users are using.

The information is stored in seperated directories, once all the information has been collected it then tar's up those directories into a single gzip tar file which can then be attached to an email for your support organization or copied to a remote server for safe keeping.

This script collects the following information :-

  • release Section
  • hardware configuration
  • process information
  • boot/grub/lilo
  • /etc config information
  • performance/system
  • kernel
  • disk - ( general lun information, volume manager, multipath information, emc powerpath )
  • raid information
  • Software information ( packages installed )
  • sysconfig
  • System Logs
  • networking ( interfaces, bridges, bonding )
  • xinetd
  • DNS
  • clusters - ( veritas, redhat, heartbeat, crm, drdb )
  • crontab
  • printers
  • openldap
  • pam
  • email - ( sendmail, postfix, dovecot )
  • time
  • ppp
  • apache
  • openssh
  • X11





    Download Script

    You can download the linux-explorer script from here :-

    How To Run The Script

    Once the script has been downloaded the run following commands :-

    # mv linux-explorer.txt
    # chmod 750

    Now run the script :-

    Usage : ./ [option]
    -d Target directory for explorer files
    -t [hardware] [software] [configs] [cluster] [disks] [network] [all]
    -v Verbose output
    -s Verify Package Installation
    -h This help message
    -V Version Number of LINUXEXPLO

    Crontab Example

    We would recommend you running the LINUXexplo script once a week
    The gziped tar file from LINUXexplo should then be stored onto another server in the event of a disaster.
    Below is an example of a cron entry to allow the LINUXexplo script to run each sunday of the week at 3:15am

    15 3 * * 0 /opt/LINUXexplo/bin/


    From the information collected display all the information from the tar file onto a web page


    We have tested this script against the following distros :-

  • Fedora
  • Red Hat Enterprise Server
  • SuSE
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Mandrake
  • Gentoo


    Support questions and suggestions can be directed to

    Copyright And Disclaimer

    Copyright (c) 2004 J.S Unix Consultants Ltd

    You may distribute under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

    This code is provided with no warranty of any kind, and is used entirely at your own risk.

    Linux Explorer ( LINUXexplo ) - Linux System Information Gathering Tool